Hello world! / Basic rules

15 09 2008

I hope you will join me in welcoming my new blog into the world. So, what exactly is at the creating end of this little endevor? Answer – Me! I’m an aspiring mezzo-soprano, feminist, liberal, metropolitan area woman who feels like talking music, politics, clothes, food, and whatever else I find interesting or amusing. Beware of sarcasm – it is abundant here.

I’m not in the business of being openly offensive, though I can’t expect you to agree with everything I’ve written, and I would appriciate the same in return. It’s supposed to be a discourse, not wholesale destruction. If you post something rude, obsene, or harmful – it’s going to be deleted. That’s no surprise; it’s the same as 99% of the blogs on the web.

There, the boring bit’s done. That didn’t hurt, did it?




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