The Political Battlefield: Would the Main Candidates PLEASE Stand Up

15 09 2008

Let me preface this all by letting you know where I stand. I’m a liberal feminist. However, I’m not here to rant and rave about how everything contrary to my opinions is wrong – those arguments are best left to Political Science classes and family gatherings. I just want to get my voice out there because it seems that Connecticut is a political wasteland that no candidate ever visits.

We are six weeks from election day and what is the country discussing? Education reform? Homeland security? The economy? The advancement of women’s rights? No. We are not dealing with the issues at had. Why? Because of some chick from Alaska that none of the political big boys know how to handle without seeming like sexist idiots. Sarah Palin burst onto the scene and nothing’s been the same since. Suddenly we’ve got baby momma drama in the race and it’s not the democrats under the microscope. Oh, and did I mention that “lipstick” is now a dirty word?

I have no desire to see Governor Sarah Palin or her family raked over the coals by some stupid rumors run a muck. I don’t believe she’s the devil incarnate as some would make her out to be, either. I think that she has some genuine concern for the nation and I respect that. I also respect that, while she does not support women’s rights, simply seeing a woman in the race is sending a strong message to the country – especially to children. Is her particular brand of Christianity “normal” enough for the white house? Has there been an on-line game made based on her? Was McCain staring at her derriere or her speech when she accepted his request to be his running mate? The answer to all three – I Don’t Care!

What I do not like to see anyone mistreated, I have a few things that bug me about this woman. She and I are polar opposites on the issues (religious right vs. agnostic left), so I won’t even bother listing those. My biggest problem is what we know and what we don’t know. We know she is under a continuing investigation at home for some possible abuses of power. We know she is fiercely ambitious – you can see that when she speaks.  We know that there was some question as to how thoroughly she was vetted. We know that she has five children, one of whom is in the military and one of whom who is pregnant.

What we don’t know is what the main players in this campaign are doing while we’re all focused on Governor Palin’s (in)famous “lipstick”  joke, which is so over-played it hurts. Aside from the firestorm Senator Obama drew from using the old analogy about putting lipstick on a pig, the candidates themselves have taken a backseat to this very small town girl  turned political superstar. Does that disturb anyone else? Where have all the issues gone? Why are people so blinded by a new, albeit attractive enough, Vice Presidential Nominee to notice what the Presidential nominees are up to? I’m not an expert, but it seems to me that that is an excellent way to get phenomenally screwed come Nov.

Hopefully the debates will bring us back to the actual choice at hand as well as the issues behind it.




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