Childhood Innocence Indeed

7 03 2010

I am in the midst of another installment of “Great” Moments in Modern Politics but found this pic and had to share it with the one or two of you who will read this post.

I know how awful this sounds, but I really want to know what he’s yelling and what could have possibly made a child this young that angry.



One response

14 08 2010
marco cosimi

The invisible governments:

Every war, every news seems to describe dark moments of the Modern Politic:
sometime life of the people seems without the light of the reason: the human reason !
How is possible to be sure that our “real life” is a real mirror of life around us ?
…the young child is so real when is so angry!
… and it’s also so nice to look the real great interest and curiosity for the “italian taralli” …
so the value of the simple and natural pleasures seems a way to have a real mirror of the life around us.
So, the secretary of State is always the Real mirror of a real WOMAN!
“Rare quality”….
and also Great Moments in
Modern Politics !!

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