Happy International Women’s Day

8 03 2010

March 8th is International Women’s Day. It’s a bigger deal in other countries – sort of like Mother’s Day but inclusive of all women. I found this statement made by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (Remember? 1995 Beijing. “Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights.”) and thought I’d post it. I will be the first to say that, for me, her words ring pretty hollow because I don’t see much that indicates she’s doing anything to help any women anywhere except have her picture taken with them, but that said, the State Department has yet to ask my opinion of anything. I suppose these things take time. Maybe she’ll bring women’s issues more to the forefront as her tenure continues? It’s only been about a year after all.

If I find more statements from other leaders I’ll post them as well.


Found two more videos. This one is from NATO and, just so you know, the music’s abysmal.

This one is from the UN.

I’ll keep looking for more.


Ok, so I know Women’s Day was yesterday, but I thought I’d post the White House’s statement, too.

UPDATE – I think I was a little harder on the Secretary of State than was really called for. The Secretary of State does not make policy and, in such a capacity, can’t go off and do their own thing no matter how noble that thing may be. Whatever her personal feelings might be on any issue, the Secretary of State is the diplomatic face of the Obama administration and nothing more or less.