Too Much Politics Before Bed?

31 03 2010

I didn’t sleep well last night and then, when I finally did doze off, I had the weirdest dream. In my dream I woke up and, as usual, turned on BBC for my morning dose of world news… only we didn’t get BBC anymore. That displeased me. The only news I channel available was FOX and the anchors there were a buzz with news from DC. Apparently, the Secretary of State had pissed off the world – I mean the WHOLE world – and we were waiting to see if the administration would do something to try to fix things or we were most definitely going to war… with the world. Israel was the only country not ready to take up arms against us, but not because they supported us, they were just waiting until Passover ended. Oh, by the way, The Secretary of State was John Bolton.
Yep, that John Bolton.

I was well aware that at some time in the recent past I had fallen asleep and it had been a far safer planet and the two-toned walrus was not in any position to cause any international catastrophes. I have no idea who the president was in my dystopia, but they were obviously a moron. I tried to search for some information online to figure out what had happened between then and now and for how long I’d Rip Van Winkle-ed, but when I tried I got a message saying something to the tune of ” due to you questionable patriotism, you can’t search this site.” Now I was an enemy of the state too?! I decided that this was all far too ridiculous and went back to bed pulling the covers over my head. Then I woke up.

I have my problems with the administration. I have my problems with the policy and actions of the current Secretary of State, but at least I’m not going to get blown to Kingdom Come due to anything Hillary Rodham Clinton has said or done. All things considered, I’d rather have her on the job

than him.

And so concludes Story Time in C# Minor.