About the Humble Authoress

So, what is there to tell. I used to commute into New York City a few times a week to sing with a tiny downtown opera company called the Amato. Since it closed last May, I’ve been 100% unemployed with no end in sight. I’ll fuss about music and review anything I go to that I’m not connected to fairly. My own performances will be looked at a little less objectively, I feel. I love politics and love a good political debate. I lack any sort of style, but I’ll never get a new job looking like a bum, so I will chronicle my misadventures in outfitting myself. I’ll try to keep those entries brief. Also, I love to cook and will be sharing any really good recipes or letting you know about any great bars or restaurants I’ve found. When all else fails, I have a dog who is usually good for at least a few cute pictures.

That’s about it actually. I’m not exactly sparkling when it comes to self-promotion.


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31 08 2010
marco cosimi

I lviu

21 09 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

5 03 2011
Anna Ogilvie

Congratulation for this wonderful idea, From Caracas, Venezuela

30 11 2011

Hi ?

Stumbled upon your site as I looked for some amusing pics for a very small and humble local newsletter in an Australian city. I found what I required and intended returning to another task BUT started to read some of your comments, articles etc and became an instant fan of your blog (??).

Immensely interesting, informative and at times, very funny. Congrats. I’m not a member of facebook, twitter or any of the blogs so hope that you receive this note of appreciation.

If you do, then may I take the opportunity of formally seeking permission to use a couple (2) of your US political photos and the amusing captions? Studied politics at uni and have always had a particular interest in your political system which is very different to ours. Happy to acknowledge source of pics if you respond with preferred wording.

Thanks in anticipation

Best wishes from downunder.


PS Sorry, don’t know what a Gravatar is but my young nephews probably do!

12 03 2012
Livvy U

Hi there, I found your blog because of your recent tribute to Marie Colvin – very moving, and isn’t that portrait of her in the eyepatch amazing. Just wanted to say hello and make some appreciative sounds about your writing. Can’t think why you’re unemployed, someone should snap you up!

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