Kitchen Archeology – No, This Is NOT About Cleaning My Fridge!

11 08 2010

While hunting for lost recipes my mother sort of remembers writing down twenty years ago, I made a discovery – a tattered old cookbook that was printed in 1882. It has no cover and is really in poor shape. It was way in the back of a drawer in my kitchen and probably hadn’t seen daylight in a dozen years or so. Even reading it is interesting. It really shows what kind of effect 118 years has on a language. It is for that reason that I’ve chosen to share one of its more interesting recipes with you. It is taken, exactly as written, from Successful Housekeeper: A Manuel of Universal Application.

Cottage Beer

Take a peck of good wheat bran and put it into ten gallons of water with three handfuls of good hops, and boil the whole together until the bran and hops sink to the bottom. Then strain it through a hair sieve or a thin cloth into a cooler, and when it is about lukewarm add two quarts of molasses. As soon as the molasses is melted, pour the whole into a ten-gallon cask, with two tablespoonfuls of yeast. When the fermentation has subsided, bung up the cask, and in four days it will be fit to use.

Now, I’m not going to start a micro-brewery in my garage or anything, but I’ll admit the thought did cross my mind briefly. If anyone does try this, let me know how it is.

Because Life is Funny and I’m in a Laughing Mood

9 03 2010

I love History of the World Part 1 and LOVE this clip.

Very few things can make me laugh about unemployment, but that’s one of them. Of course, if it’s just a generic laugh I’m looking for, there are plenty of sources. I’ll look up a few.

WARNING – Beware of falling F-bombs!

I think Eddie Izzard is hysterical and I wish he’d do more stand up. Anyway, Here are some of his clips that I think are great.

(Note that the person who posted this video cut it to exactly 4mins. 20secs. Nicely done!)

Robin Williams is another favorite. Here are some highlights.

Yeah! Jack Nicholson 2012!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these clips.