One of Those Things That Just Begs to be Shared

17 05 2010

We all have our vices – some more than others – and one of mine is This is one of my favorites.
cute pictures of puppies with captions
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Yes, for those with sharp eyes, that is a Shiba Inu, the same breed as Tosca.

My Experience With the Vetting Process

28 09 2008

Yes, I am being vetted. Will I be taking a high level government job? No. Have I been hired by a major corporation? No. Am I becoming a spy? No. In light of all of this, one might ask what I could have gotten myself into to warrant the analysis of my life.

Answer: I am getting a dog – a Shiba Inu to be exact.

And how much investigating could possibly be required to get a dog no matter how cool the breed is? A bunch, let me tell you. First of all, you fill out an application – a five page application. They don’t leave much room for an answer and my handwriting is huge and ugly so I sent some extra information so that I didn’t sound completely devoid of intellect. After a few emails between myself and the organization to confirm my references contact info, those references were contacted and I got another call from the organization and then today I had one of their staff conduct an interview at my home. I got a call this evening and I’m going to call them back tomorrow to start scheduling a time to meet my perspective four-legged roommate. This all sounds pretty quick, but in actuality I put my application in on June 30th.

I’m not complaining about their thoroughness by any means though. I’m glad that a rescue society takes this much effort to insure that the dogs they rescue are placed in loving homes. I had done months of general as well as breed-specific research to make sure I would make a well-informed decision. I’m looking forward to finally seeing a dog after all this work done on both sides.

In short, if you are looking to get a Shiba Inu and are in the New York City area, do your breed research and then check out NYC Shiba Rescue. They really are great. I may have been vetted better by them than a certain VP nominee was by her running mate’s campaign. Anyway, I think that, once my dog finally arrives, she might be a major topic on this blog.